6 Reasons your Older Kids Wake Your Baby Up!

Having a 9-month-old who didn’t get her full nap is lovely! Right? Well, when my Emma doesn’t get her nap she is a holy freaking terror. I wouldn’t be surprised if her head didn’t start spinning around like some exorcist movie.

So, my question is why does my 4-year-old Hayvin continue to wake her up during nap time?

So, I asked her and her are her reasons, plus I added a few.

1) It’s Funny! Yes because hearing your sister scream is so hilarious. NOT!

2) It’s Daytime, so she should be up. I don’t think daytime has anything to do with it because I’d love to lay down and take a nap, even though I can’t.

3) She Wants to Play with Her. That’s funny seeing as the only time you want to play with her is when she’s asleep.

Now here’s my reasoning!

4) They Want to Torture Me- They think it’s hilarious when I can’t get anything done. If they keep waking the baby, mommy can’t get anything accomplished.

5) Going to the Park- When I say we can go to the park once sissy gets up, they think it means go wake your sister up after I just got her asleep so we can go. WRONG!

6) She thinks it’s a game- It’s a new game called, “How fast can mommy run into the bedroom to soothe the baby?” My fastest time is currently 7 seconds.

That’s all today! Have a great day……..Great, she woke her up again!



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